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Are you looking for a resource with io games that always adds only new applications? Are you tired of endless arcades, confusing puzzles and shooting at moving targets? So, it's time to turn your attention to, where a large list is collected, which we intend to increase further. Io games list is divided for convenience into novelties and games by rating.

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Io games is a novelty in the field of virtual entertainment, winning more and more fans around the world. You choose your main character, which can become an innocuous bacterium, a little worm, a lone piranha or an unremarkable car, and by means of certain actions you pump it to the maximum of your capabilities. You have a better chance of defeating players when the io game character gets steeper and stronger.

Multiplayer io games, cover many countries and even several continents. It is enough just to have a laptop or a smartphone with access to the World Wide Web at hand, and you can rush to meet your exploits and new achievements. To overcome the difficulties it is necessary to show maximum dexterity and sharpness, as each io game has its own unique plot and a lot of complex puzzles.

io Games

This genre is named in honor of the national domain (.io), appropriated to the British Isles in 1997. Most of all this name is loved by io games developers, because it takes up little space, sounds beautiful and is remembered simply.